"Election Day" (editor and contributor)

—Gramma Press, Fall 2016


"Things that are easier than other things," "Refraction"

—Girl Blood Info II, Fall 2016


"Everybody loves somebody but god loves everybody."

—Pacifica Literary Review, Summer 2016


Small Prairies, Chapbook

—Alice Blue Books, Fall 2015


"Swell," "So real it can't be," "The man who sells the moon," and "On/Off"

—Poor Claudia, Fall 2014


Selection from Small Prairies

—Hathor, Spring 2014


"Four Poems"

—Verse, Spring 2014


"No Other World"

—The Monarch Review, Fall 2012



—City Arts, Summer 2012


"Monster," "Underworld," "Calendar Dreams," and "Tide Pool"

Death Hums, Winter 2011






Poetry in Motion, City Arts Magazine, February 2014

The Connector: Olivia McCausland, City Arts Magazine, January 2014

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